29TH FEBRUARY 2000 @ LA2

My night at the LA2 started off with a massive downer.
Let's just say, never trust anyone to put you on the guest list, unless you know where they live and where they park their car.
Loads of swear words and £11 pounds later, I made my way downstairs to the main floor to catch the last song of the opening band Carpe Diem.
Since I don't particularly know or like Carpe Diem, I'm sure that some comments about their performance will sooner or later appear in "Newsbites" and I'll just leave it at that.
Next up were Inertia with a handful of new songs to boot.
I've read some rumblings somewhere that Reza should invest in some singing lessons, but I have to say, that I don't see the point, as his singing style certainly goes with the rest of the "Inertia-sound" of aggressive industrial-Techno cross-over.
The kind of sound that got Frontline Assembly into massive trouble a couple of years ago. But the inclusion of new and more diversive material seems to be paying of for them.
The main floor was certainly packed when they were playing.
If you like Inertia, then you'd certainly love it.

It's just that from the second that APB went on stage, you knew that they were in a totally different league altogether. Grotesque was almost a dimuitive figure on stage with a German "Polizei" shirt ( why does everyone in the whole wide world pretend to be German? Who wants to be German anyways? I don't...).
APB sound much dancier than they are on CD, probably due to much of the new material, but even the old songs came across with a massive punch.
I haven't got the new CD, but I guess that just about less than half of the show was new material, and all of this sounds just great.
Definite touches of some E-happy stuff here. The sound was tight and clean very well produced.
Even the light-show was amazing.
APB finished with two (or was it three? Sorry, I just don't know...) encores and left me wondering where to get the £12 for their new CD from. 
But the best song of the night was not played by APB, or Inertia.
It was Sigue Sigue Sputnik, "Shoot it up"- HAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHHHH!!!! Hero biscuit for the DJ please!!!!!

Sven Berger