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Editorial Cyber Noise
Gig Guide Deterrent Industrial Theme Park
Newsbytes - The Industrial Music WebBoard Hard Wired
Club Guide (UK) Helix
Streamed Industrial Radio Industrial Bible
Article Loop
UK Band Links Souvalki Online
Where to Buy Steril
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Cyber Noise

The source of reference material for all styles of electronic music.

Deterrent Industrial Theme Park

The Theme Park is home to the EEI Zine List, the EEI DJ List,the DIY Tour Guide as well as other resources.

Hard wired  

Doktor Joy's UK Gothic Site which also includes Industrial events in it's listings.

Industrial Bible  

Electro-Music Zine Digest With Real Audio Clips

Souvalki Online

UK site with many Industrial reviews.


The Industrial Information Station.






 Some Label Links //

Editorial Cleopatra Label Group
Gig Guide
 COP International
Newsbytes - The Industrial Music WebBoard
 Cold Springs
Club Guide (UK)
 Dune Records
Streamed Industrial Radio
 Fragile Mechanisms
UK Band Links
 Org Records
Where to Buy
 Cryonica Music
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  Cleopatra Label Group

Home Of The Best Industrial Bands.

COP International

Mega Cool Site Featuring Female Industrial & About Time.

Cold Springs

Home Of Dark Industrial

Dune Records

An Electronic Independent Record Label

Fragile Mechanisms

An Independent Label Of of 'Unusual', Difficult & Introspective Artists.


World Of Machine Music

Org Records

UK Independent Record Label






 Band Links //

Annodalleb Annodalleb
Industrial Neural Net Alpha Industrial Neural Net Alpha
Sterile Sterile

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Electronic Project

Industrial Neural Net Alpha

Industrial Musicians Networking


Electro - Industrial Band From Australia


SMP aka Sounds of Mass Production (Seatlle Cyber - Punk band)


Torsion - USA Industrial band






  Industrial Music Promotion Contacts //

Editorial Nemesis Promotions
Gig Guide Mechanical Promotions
Newsbytes - The Industrial Music WebBoard Flag Promotions
Club Guide (UK) Armalyte Promotions
Streamed Industrial Radio ****
Article ****
UK Band Links ****
Where to Buy ****
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  Nemesis Promotions

Hurling Weirdness At Your Life from 1995 to 2001

  Mechanical Promotions

Responsible for some fine shows during the 90's

  Flag Promotions

Hurling weirdness at your life now!

  Armalyte Promotions

Catering for those that prefer a harder edge.





Cool stuff

 Miscellaneous Links //

Editorial Darkstar
Gig Guide HR Giger
Newsbytes - The Industrial Music WebBoard More Machine Than Man
Club Guide (UK) 
Streamed Industrial Radio 
UK Band Links 
Where to Buy 
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Britain's Longest-Running Fantasy Media Magazine.

HR Giger

Biomachanical Genius

More Machine Than Man

Industrial Multimedia Project






 Usenet Newsgroups //

Gig Guide uk.people.gothic
Newsbytes - The Industrial Music WebBoard
Club Guide (UK)
Streamed Industrial Radio *********
Article *********
UK Band Links *********
Where to Buy *********
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